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For those looking for something simpler than a HD bank vault for your rods, the Bunk Box is designed to quickly and conveniently safeguard your gear for transportation or storage. The better option than the corner of your garage, the Bunk Box also serves as the perfect solution for those who like to keep a varied selection of rods protected in the trunk of their car for that sudden urge to fish.

  • Perfect for storing the bass and panfish set-up of two rods for each
  • Designed to hold two 6.5 ft. rods along the sides and two 6 ft. or smaller rods in the centre
  • Two 40.5 in. and two 42.25 in. alleys
  • “Bunk” design allows for reels to remain suspended and attached to the rods
  • Integrated oversized handle
  • Ample storage room for additional gear
  • Four foam inserts
  • Polycarbonate latches
  • Ribbed interior with variable configuration options
  • Includes Zerust tab

Flambeau coffre rigide pour 4 cannes a peche

SKU : 07161704945
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