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The Hornady Lock-N-Load Headspace Gage is a great tool for increasing the accuracy of your loaded ammunition. The Headspace gage measures from the case-head to the datum line on the case shoulder to allow proper brass resizing for a precise fit with the rifle chamber. Bushings fit the comparator body and attach to calipers with a thumb screw. Can be used with bottleneck cases from 17 caliber through large belted magnums.

Function: To measure from the case-head to the datum line on case shoulders for proper brass resizing

- All bushing are interchangeable.

- Works on all bottleneck type cases and wildcats.

- This set fits 17 caliber through belted magnums.

- Must be used with Calipers. Includes: Comparator body 5 bushings B-2000 Gage Allen wrench #HK66


SKU : 090255704846
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